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Sharing your Training Plan from Garmin Connect

Garmin Calendar

If you’re a busy athlete (and if you’re a triathlete, you’re busy for sure), chances are your friends are always wondering when do you have some free time for a meeting, going out or doing something that does not typically involve swimming, cycling, or running.

If you would like to give them a rough overview of your training schedule, and if you’re using Garmin Connect platform, here’s a short instruction on how to expose your training plan to anyone interested what are you doing on given Sunday afternoon (hint: you’re most probably having your long run 🙂

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Maintaining Running Fitness Off-Season – The Plan

recovery training plan

When the racing season comes to the very end, A-races are done and post-race beers (or Colas) are all consumed, every athlete usually asks himself a question — what to do with that all free time that is now left from training? A lucky few may have their next season plans already, but even the most determined athletes need some rest and recovery.

Generally, it’s recommended to take a week or two of complete rest (hey, even Eliud Kipchoge takes three weeks off) but then you usually start making plans for the upcoming year. If your A-race is quite far ahead (say, 30 weeks or even more) or you just want to maintain your so-hard-earned running form until thoughts of next challenge pop up, you may want to fill this gap with some running activities. And you need a plan for that.

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Rowing for Runners: Winter Cross-training Specials

Concept2 Model D undergoing firmware upgrade

It’s winter for a while in the northern hemisphere, however, we still have more than one long month left. As we all know, winter is usually not the favorite time of runners. Even if you are not afraid of below-water-freezing temperatures and cold rains, there are plenty of facts that can ruin your training. Deep snow can impact your intervals and icy countryside roads or city sidewalks are very dangerous even for experienced trail runners. If you’re training for races which happen to be in spring, like Boston Marathon, Paris Marathon or even a Berlin Half (or Halb, as they call it), you don’t have many options but to do some training indoors. And if thoughts about treadmill make you sick, you should try rowing, as there are some good reasons for that. 

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