TrainingPeaks Plan FAQ

Target paces in the training plan seem to be very slow. Is there any mistake in the calculations?

Actually, the pace of workouts is based on your Threshold Pace (which is an individual athlete setting in TrainingPeaks). Maybe you’re using some default settings now and that’s why it is showing you the slower than expected pace. You should go to your Settings -> Zones -> Speed/Pace (go to ‘Run Speed/Pace’) and enter correct data there. It can be either number from your smartwatch (e.g. Garmin) or obtained from LTHR/LTP test (either done on a track or in a lab). Also, TrainingPeaks recalculates this value from time to time as well based on your workout performance.

If you don’t know this value, set the maximum pace you believe you could sustain for 30 minutes into Running Threshold Pace in settings. Then recalculate zones and check if workout paces in the plan are closer to what you expect.

How to synchronize my TrainingPeaks workouts with my Garmin smartwatch?

First, you have to connect your TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect accounts. You can find a detailed process description on the TrainingPeaks website.

For more information on auto-sync with other smartwatches, please visit Compatible Devices section of TrainingPeaks Help Center

I can’t transfer my swimming/strength workouts from TrainingPeaks to my Garmin. Is this a normal issue?

At the time of writing, swim and strength workouts are not synchronized with the Garmin platform. This is an official issue, described in Structured Workout Export FAQs, and TrainingPeaks does not provide an estimate of when the issue could be resolved.