Marathon – sub 4:00, 18 weeks (Garmin-compatible, access to coach)


This Marathon Plan is aimed at helping you to prepare for your sub-4:00 marathon time goal in 18 weeks.

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Who is this Plan for?

If you have finished a half-marathon or two, this plan will help you to prepare for your sub-4:00 marathon time goal in 18 weeks.

It is quite a short period of time for marathon preparation, so it is recommended that you were exercising on a regular basis prior to starting this plan and also have checked your health with a physician.

Plan Highlights

The plan has one intro week and starts with 3:20 hours of running the first week. It includes a variety of workouts (strides, tempo, steady-state, endurance, to name a few) arranged in three-week cycles, which will allow your body to adapt and prepare for a challenging race.

The plan is based on a percentage of your calculated Threshold Pace, however, workout descriptions also refer to RPE 1-10 (Rating of Perceived Exertion) scale. RPE will help you evaluate your ‘pace by feel’, so the actual distance covered may be different from one set in the workout.

The plan is compatible with Garmin devices so you will have structured workouts delivered straight to your watch when using the AutoSync feature after connecting your TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect accounts. However, please check your device compatibility in the Garmin/TrainingPeaks website.

Access to Coach

If you will have any questions for this plan, before or after purchasing it, please contact me by e-mail and I’ll be happy to help you. And read the Welcome message before starting. It contains important information about your plan.